What we do


When tasked with marketing a client’s product or service, we attempt to hone into the essence of what makes the company successful, and use whatever utility necessary to get the job done. Whether it be through social media, video, print or package design, we have the tools to showcase the brand in its best form, while also displaying what we are capable of.

Event Planning

First and foremost, we use everything in our power to create unforgettable experience. Understanding the dynamics of human behavior in a society married to technology. Building from that, we use our collective of creatives to connect the necessary dots. This allows us to collaborate with an array of talent, filling holes with reputable talent.

Photography and Videography

With our ears and eyes on the ever budding creative community, we create content in a multitude of scenarios. With an in-house photography and video team as well as an endless network of resources specializing in print, editorial, documentary, shorts and music videos. Our clients are presented with aesthetic options early in conversation that mature to develop the artistic voice of the brand. In a society where the majority of sharing is visual and interactive, we have our fingers on the pulse of UX, Gif, Stop-Motion and experimental artist and applications to elevate brand share-ability.

Set Design

Experiential event marketing is a no brainer for any business looking to connect to the masses. These events mainly aim to drive awareness to a new product but ultimately serve as a trigger to boost brand awareness. Events should be more than just a party or social gathering, they should serve as lasting memories. With training in theatre design, stage lighting, set building, installation and mood elevation; We Ascend considers the big and small moments in a experience. Some of these services include:
Pop Up Stores
Gallery Curation
Event Experience Curation
Photoshoot Set Design