Ace Hotel


Ace Hotel invites Undo-Ordinary to curate a series of activations to engage with the LA community. Downtown Los Angeles is one of the few places left in the city where people can walk, mingle and interact simply taking a jaunt down the street. Locals come into the hotel to dine, indulge in the Ace’s coolness all while building connections. We want to encourage the community to be a part of something that is moving and happening in Downtown, and Ace is the thriving, center hub of the action.


We host a Yoga + Chill event, held on the scenic rooftop of the Ace Hotel, filled with both novices and the experienced. It is a litany of faces from all walks of life, and with no surprise, as diversity is the slice of life here in Los Angeles.


Our attendees celebrate what it means to be all about the universal goal of understanding one’s self in both a physical and mental sense, without any outside distractions or pressure. During past events, guests enjoyed vitalizing tunes by Jck Dvy, movement led by holistic health coach and yogi Abbey Sowick, fruit refreshments by Nomva and promo goodies from our brand sponsors and supporters.