Smashbox Cosmetics


Smashbox Cosmetics collaborated with We Ascend’s lead designer, Sophia Chang, on a photoshoot that encapsulated her unique spirit, while simultaneously showcasing the innovation of Smashbox’s creative studio MADE AT SMASHBOX. Sophia truly excels at flexing her creative and entrepreneurial skills, and the end result on this project was a seamless marriage of art and commerce; personal freedom and professional success. Using MADE AT SMASHBOX’s vast array of tools, We Ascend set out to present Sophia as a prime example of how to be bold, while staying entirely true to yourself. 


Smashbox’s studio space allowed We Ascend to create a set that surrounded Sophia in a vibrant world of color and illustration. We Ascend co-Founder and stylist Nai Vasha dressed her in stunning suits that portrayed her as the next generation of businesswoman. The look was finished with Smashbox Cosmetics’ own makeup to accentuate her external beauty and power. We drew on our network of creatives to tell this story, including photographer Brian Tampol and makeup artist Celina Rodriguez.  


The end product of this collaboration was shared online and passed on to media outlets. The imagery was unlike any other that Smashbox had displayed on their online channels; the eye-catching visuals told a new and exciting story in a modern voice thus elevating the brand.